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As interactive marketing becomes more complex, a good user experience becomes essential. We recognize that increasingly the brand becomes the experience, and we work with clients to identify users, their goals and the challenges they face. We inform the design process with research and analytics to determine your audience’s behavior and create an engaging experience that is compelling, beautiful, and truly communicates your brand.

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Brand & Design Strategy

We work closely with clients to understand key objectives, recognize opportunities as well as business and technological constraints that will define the scope and design of the project. Our design strategy work lies in our ability to help our clients identify their audience’s needs and how they are using their product or Web site. Using market and user research, analytics and emerging trends we challenge assumptions, expand horizons and identify opportunities where our clients will gain an edge. more

Why do this?

  • Learn how your customers are experiencing your brand.
  • Identify key barriers to entry.
  • Inform future design decisions.
  • Develop an interactive branding road map.
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Information Design

Intuitive Information Design is the result of a well planned design strategy. We’re experts in solving complex communication challenges and recognize that no matter how beautiful the design, if users are unable to locate desired content the brand experience suffers. By understanding your users, we’re able to create and organize content in the most intuitive and effective manner possible. more

Why do this?

  • Achieve business goals by fulfilling your users' needs.
  • Make design and development decisions more efficient.
  • Uncover issues before design and build phases of projects.
  • Develop fast prototypes without being bogged down in visual design.
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Usability Research & Analysis

We approach usability testing from a cognitive research perspective, while still maintaining the subjectiveness required to balance business objectives with user needs. Usability research and analysis gives us an early view into design challenges and misconceptions, language and content issues, development prioritization, and a clearer understanding of how users are using your product. more

Why do this?

  • Validate assumptions, designs and prototypes quickly and efficiently.
  • Learn if your users can perform key tasks.
  • Identify quick fixes that can be made to improve your user experience.
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Visual Design

During the design phase we focus on all elements of the user experience from interface design for Web and mobile devices to icon illustration to branding to create a beautiful and simple product. However, as we know, this is no simple task. Through explorations in color theory, typography and aesthetics, we sketch, draw, photograph, live and breathe your brand. Melding together our findings from each of the previous steps, we are able to communicate your objectives and present a call to action that is clear and accessible. more

Why do this?

  • Improve the user experience.
  • Create a strong brand experience with consistent design.
  • Develop design systems that are consistent and scalable.
  • Create design guidelines for future development.
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Technology & Development Strategy

We speak just about every acronym out there, from AJAX to CSS to XHTML to WPF. Give us a pop quiz, you can bet we’re fluent. From developing highly functional prototypes in Flash or XHTML to production–ready user interfaces, our technology experience provides the tools necessary to speak "engineer" and to integrate our interaction and visual designs. We are focused on standards–based development in our commitment to usable and American Disabilities Act compliant accessible design. more

Why do this?

  • Produce a realistic development timeline.
  • Navigate hurdles between business goals and engineering needs.
  • Design a feasible development roadmap to future releases.
  • Avoid costly last minute design-as-you-go decisions.

/ Design and Brand Strategy

Through heuristic studies and field research, we learn about your target market’s needs, experience, demographic and psychographic attributes, perceptions and expectations. The design strategy document typically includes an analysis of interviews, user personas, cognition mapping, mental model, and actionable recommendations for next steps. With a set of ideal action items we work with you to determine which provide the smartest allotment of budgeted resources. We bridge the gap between product and engineering teams with a strategic development roadmap. A design strategy document, the fusion of all research findings and strategy recommendations, is delivered at the conclusion of this phase.

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/ Information Design

Intuitive Information Design is the result of a well planned design strategy. Information spaces are complex and multi-dimensional, living beneath the surface but demanding interaction from the user. A feasibility analysis and content assessment determines what information should be included, while the site architecture determines how it is organized. Behavioral-driven task flows document a user’s systemic steps, and wireframes detail the presentation of content on each distinct page. Functional specifications are provided should the system require explicit documentation of interface elements and interaction design. A controlled vocabulary is developed to communicate a cohesive and engaging brand message appropriate to the audience.

/ Usability & User Research

Our mantra is to test early and test often. Performing usability testing begins with developing a screener to recruit a representative sample of participants and maintain an organized schedule of participants and testing environments. Based on a set of testing objectives, a test script is developed to lead participants through a series of task–driven activities. During the testing session we evaluate how users respond to the product. We observe what interactions occur and what steps could be improved. We analyze cognitive performance and quantitative data resulting in a research document that details our objectives, process, findings and actionable recommendations for improving the product to ultimately design an engaging and intuitive user experience.

/ Visual Design

Whether your audience is interacting with your brand, Web site, application or mobile device, a compelling design will make their experience memorable. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we discuss why design decisions are made, challenge preconceptions, and create new ideas in rich, visual form to inspire and motivate. Kizmo will then produce a design deliverable to document design components, color palettes, typography and form, alongside a complete set of design assets delivered as raw source files (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) in an organized folder structure for easy distribution and asset management.

/ Technology

Our technology focus is in user interface development and our expertise is integral to our understanding of digital business. We don’t isolate our technologists and coders, in fact our strategists, architects and designers are all experienced in the latest web standards and frameworks such as XHTML, CSS, Flash, AJAX and more. This knowledge gives us the ability to bridge the gap between business needs and technology feasibility to produce a Web that works for everybody. We will produce and deliver clean, concise code and work with your engineering team to integrate and implement our interface design with your systems.

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Kizmo's office is located on the 7th floor of the historic Native Sons' building in San Francisco, California. Located near Union Square, we are surrounded by the best hotels, shopping and restaurants, difficult parking and convenient transportation.

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